Easy to print Lotusphere 2012 Pocket Agenda (updated)

1 minute read

IBM provides a PDF with an overview of everything Lotusphere: the Lotusphere Pocket Agenda (for a download link, see Lotusphere 2012 sessions page). It’s a really nice reference, but the PDF is a bit of a challenge to print on A4 or Paper.

Last night I had some fun with combining and rotating the pages to get an easily printable PDF and here I share them with you (hoping IBM doesn’t mind).

There are two versions (update: now three):

  • Printed onto A4, with 4 pages combined per page. These require eagle eyes or reading glasses

  • One that's printed onto A5 with 2 pages combined per page. It will come out nicely readable if you select "fit to printable area" when printing to A4/Paper.
  • Same as the A5 version with 2 pages combined per page, but on A4 format and rotated for easier viewing on a computer/tablet.

All versions lack the frontpage, that was needed to get all pages to align correctly.

I hope these can be of help to you. Have fun and see you in Orlando!

Update 11-1-2012 12:10 CET: Added a third version. It’s the same as the second, but now in A4 size and rotated for easier viewing.