Wish list for Xpages development

1 minute read

Just in time for the holiday season, here’s my Santa Claus wish list for enhancements in Domino Designer to aid Xpages development.

Building websites, or should I say web applications, in Designer has become an absolute joy with the introduction of Xpages. With each new release the IDE becomes more advanced and the capabilities of the platform are unheard of. Thank you Santa!

But there are things left to be wished for. Here’s my short list. And allow me to leave out the obvious things like a faster Xpages editor or less crashes or hangs. I’m sure Santa is already working on that.

So here it goes:

  • A collapsible list for Custom controls. The amount controls for an application easily gets out of hand. This results in lots of scrolling back and forth in the Database Navigator’s list of controls. I’d like to be able to group controls by subject. </span>Similar to the way Java packages are displayed in the Package Explorer. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no need for a different way to name the controls. Just split the names at the underscore and build the tree from there. Make it optional to keep everybody happy.

  • And while we’re at it, do the same for the packages in the new Code/Java section.

  • Scrollbar for lists in the Controls view. Or at least allow me to use the scroll wheel on my mouse. The up and down arrows are like peeking through a keyhole.

  • Add a setting to open Xpages editor in source mode by default. I hardly ever use the visual editor, please stop me from having to switch each time I open a control or Xpage,

  • Drag custom controls from the Database Navigator or Package Explorer onto an Xpage or Custom Control. It feels natural to do it that way.

That’s it. I feel better now.

What are your wishes? Let Santa know by leaving a comment.